Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Time to De-Chubbify!


It is time to begin the process of de-chubbification. This is also better when not done alone - though I am starting a new blog . . . so it is sort of alone - but it's a beginning!

Here's my story:

I once was a skinny little girl who thought she was tragically over weight. But really she just had tragically low self-esteem. Now that the self-esteem is growing the waist-size continues to as well. Thus it is time to de-chubbify.

I have stopped the "if I knew then what I know now" (for the most part) but still think I must have been annoying and disheartening for my friends who were fighting their weight and there I was high metabolism, size 4-6 and complaining ALL the time! I let toxic people and a toxic society control my view of beauty and of myself. Now I want that control and though it is not about being thin, I would like to fit my jeans again.

Anyone wanna join in?

Ultimate long-term goal: Feel better! Have more energy!
Weight: (giant goal) lose 35 pounds
Current weight: 175 (probably more, that was the last check)
Height: 5'8
Energy level: Lethargic

Plan: I joined the Y and I come and go with attendance - I figure I may have some form of accountability if anyone stumbles across me here


Gym 3x a week - first off: the bike for 30+ minutes for 1 month
Eating: I'm working on portion sizes, like eating smaller ones
Food choices: No soda! I was doing really well then 2 sodas in 2 days!!
No fast food. Period. I'm pretty good at this but chicken tacos lure me and my stomach away.

Immediate goal: Gym, weigh myself, honestly post stuff, be confident that I can do this.